Owner: Berjaya-Handico12 co., Ltd
Country: Malaysia - Vietnam
Location: Thach Ban, Long Bien, Hanoi
Items: Installation of Pile PC D300 A
Quantity: 12.000 m
Contractor: Huy Thinh Trading & Construction Joint Stock Company
Main contractor: Lideco 3
Completed: 2011
"Thach Ban Garden City" is a project area of ​​31.69 ha with infrastructure and service facilities, located in the Dong Ha Noi Thach Ban Ward, Long Bien district. The total floor area of ​​558.418 m2 and a total area of ​​selling is 273.158m2.

North and West Village Bridge project, Thach Ban wards, and the third ring road linking Thanh Tri bridge with Highway No. 5. The Southeast is one of the new highway. The south for irrigation of agricultural Thach Ban wards.


With the aim of ensuring the sustainable development of the community, we want to improve the quality of life of residents, providing housing facilities with modern infrastructure and business environment for business industry, thereby creating employment opportunities for residents.

Development projects are hands-Berjaya-Handico12 Ltd., a reputable company and many years of experience in the industry.
As a first project done with the Red River east of international quality with basic infrastructure is complete.
The fresh air, open space with very little amount of construction work.
Open space, it is next to the uneven development of facilities for life.
These factors have helped Garden City Thach become a real landmark modern and comfortable.

Functional areas

A. The main port area: Including commercial center, office park, hotel, and apartments for rent
B. International School Zone: Includes schools of general education training
C. Three residential areas: provide 1673 housing units with specific details as follows:
Garden Avenue - 3-story garden buildings
Avenue Park and Canal Park - 6 buildings located next to the park and along the cool green channel
Crescent Park - 2 apartment buildings
D. Public sector buildings, including project management, medical centers, shopping centers, and clubs

This project is divided into 7 stages, beginning with two apartment buildings Canal Park includes 148 apartments, with a total area of ​​17.699m2 sold in the fourth quarter of 2009.
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