HUY THINH  is one of the leading contractor in foundation engineering with the business fields as follows:    

Provide service of pile installation by hydraulic pile driver:

  • Pressing piles by hydraulic static pile driver with pressing load from 300 tons to 600 tons

  • Carry out testing work following construction standards.

Supply pre-stressed spun pile and square concrete piles 

  • Supply pre-stressed spun pile with dimension from D300 to D600 and concrete strength from 60 MPa (PC pile) to 80 MPa (PHC).
  • Supply square concrete pile and prestressed square concrete pile as required design.

Design, civil and industrial engineering 

  • Design structure of civil and industrial project 
  • Construct the buildings, industrial projects, traffic projects.
  • Whole sales of construction materials, construction equipments.
Project management consultancy

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Online Support

Business Department:

Mr. Bắc: 0935.222.456

Mr. Tiến: 09.7229.6228

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